Your Guide To Choosing The Right Bedroom Rugs

Nothing is worse than having to get out of your warm, comfortable bed in the morning only to tread onto a floor that has almost frozen during the course of the night. Warm bedroom rugs under your bed will not only save your feet from becoming cold in the morning, but it will also help to muffle noise and add an extra layer of texture and color to the space.

This guide will help you through the different steps to choose the ideal bedroom rug for your residence.

Rules of Thumb

It might be difficult to decide what size bedroom rug to buy and where to position it in your room because of the wide range of bedroom forms, sizes, and furniture arrangements.

The bed should always be the focal point of your room, and any rug you place under it should reach 18 to 24 inches beyond its edges, regardless of the specific requirements you may have.

Regarding the first point, the rug needs to be placed at a spot that highlights the bed since it serves as the room's focal point. Place your rug next to or under the bed, being sure to size it for the space. Use smaller accent rugs to separate these areas if your bedroom is big enough for a sitting area or vanity. The placement of your furniture can appear more balanced by just centering a large rug.

You may ensure that you always have something comfortable to step on when you climb into or out of bed by adding an 18 to 24-inch border around the rug. The rug should stretch past any benches you may have at the foot of the bed.

Placement of Bedroom Rug

A bedroom rug can be positioned in one of three ways: completely under it, partially under it, or with runners at the sides of the bed.

If your budget and available space allow it, making the bed completely atop the rug with all of its coordinating furnishings (nightstands, benches, dressers) makes a striking statement. Just be sure to keep the four nightstand legs on top of the carpeting if you choose this option. There will not be a level surface if two are allowed to hang off. In the middle of the night, you may just accidentally spill your water from the nightstand.

A wonderful technique to get away with using a smaller, less expensive rug or prevent overwhelming a small room is to have the rug only under the bottom 2/3 of the bed. To ensure levelness in this arrangement, nightstands should be positioned completely on the floor beneath the rug.

Using runners next to your bed is a less popular but still excellent choice. If you need to put the bed in a corner and do not have room for a full-size area rug, this is a wonderful solution for smaller rooms. The runner should not go past the foot of the bed and should be slightly broader than your nightstand for the finest visual effect.