Rug Rebinding

Rug Rebinding


    Rebinding becomes a necessity when the rug edges become unwound and worn. We highly recommend not putting off this procedure, because the longer your rug bindings remain worn, the more expensive it will be to repair them.


    When shopping for rugs, it is important to pay attention to things such as the color, fiber and texture. Finishing is also essential, as rugs must be bound to prevent them from coming undone along their edges. However, due to the passage of time, the edges may become frayed and worn, requiring them to be rebound, which we can do on your behalf. The rug fabric will be taken then folded over its edge and subsequently sewn using a sewing machine. We’ll also help you decide on the best finishing option so you can obtain the desired look.


    Rebinding requires time, patience, the right equipment, attention to detail and skill. For instance, we’ll use a combination of industrial-grade sewing machines and binding tape to repair the edges of your rug, and we can also make additional modifications as needed. Many different colors can be chosen for the binding, which creates a desirable situation as its edge will blend seamlessly with the remaining texture. But we can also use contrasting colors for those who want their rug edges to showcase a bold appearance.

    Our rug rebinding services are popular because they produce a classic finish which is tailored. We also specialize in a technique called serging, or overlocked stitching. Serging a rug edge will result in an appearance that makes it resemble something hand-sewn, even if it was originally produced by machine. After completion, the serged edge will look like a fiber that is thick and that was continuously wrapped around a carpet edge. Our clients love rug serging since it often results in a look which is even more upscale than the standard binding used on area rugs

    There is also rug fringing, which is frequently used in extended fringed tassels, especially with a neutral color. Fringing is preferable with rugs that are hand-knotted since it functions as a type of backbone fiber for it. Fringing is also used in rugs that are machine-made, mostly for decorative purposes. While fringe rugs have a look which is pleasing to the eyes, their only downside is that they can be tedious to maintain and clean. Furthermore, fringes are also susceptible to soiling or staining and can be more expensive to manage.


    Rebinding is an art form, one that our team at Rug Resources has mastered. The serging and rebinding that we perform are robust and will maximize the longevity of your rug. When you allow your rug to become unbound due to neglect, it will unravel and then lose its shape, beauty, durability and texture since its loose fibers will begin falling apart. Our serging and rebinding services will prevent this.

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