Rug Consultation

Rug Consultation


    Choosing the right rug for your indoor space is paramount, especially if you’re looking for something handmade and high-priced. If the rug is too small, it may throw off proportional space, but if the rug is too big it won’t fit and will require cutting or shaping. This is why so many clients request our consultation services.


    Our company was founded in 1998 and over the last twenty-four years we’ve done extensive business with many different clients, both commercial and residential. As such, we’ve developed a number of tried and tested rug installation rules which will benefit everyone. The first of these involves size. For a smaller room, we recommend a 6×9 sized rug whereas for a moderate-sized room 8×10 is preferable with a 9×12 rug being the most optimal size for larger rooms. We can also advise you when it comes to material, texture, color and style.


    The first thing we’ll want to discuss is the size of the rooms where you want the rugs to be installed. Measurements will need to be taken and we’ll also need to see what current colors and interior decorations you’re using, as this will help us find a rug that complements it.

    Another thing to consider is the furniture placement. Generally speaking, at minimum, the front chair or sofa legs must sit on top of the rug. We also recommend leaving open space by selecting the rug size which allows for one foot worth of bare surface near your room’s perimeter. You’ll then need to decide whether you want a pattern or a solid rug. Patterned rugs are recommended for neutral rooms but if the upholstery is already patterned you’ll want to choose either a rug that is solid or one with a graphic that is subtle.

    Different rugs should be used for different rooms. For instance, because living rooms tend to experience a heavy amount of traffic, we advise picking a rug that is low pile and made with a resilient material, like jute or wool. For the dining room, you’ll want to select a rug that will extend twenty-four to thirty inches past the table edge so it fits every dining seat, even after it has been pulled out.


    A hand-made, one-of-a-kind rug can easily cost four figures or more, especially antiques. As such, you want to make sure you spend your hard-earned money on one which will give your space a balanced and attractive appearance, and this is exactly what we do at Rug Resources. With more than twenty years of experience selling and restoring rugs, few people have our accumulated knowledge and expertise. Not only will we help you decide between a rectangular or round piece, we’ll also provide extensive advice regarding patterns and colors, especially those that can conceal or repel stains. For your master bedroom, we’ll help you find the perfect rug that feels nice and plush under your bare feet.

    To learn more about our Rug Consultation, contact us today!

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