Rug Sealing

Rug Sealing


    Those that own high-priced rugs want to keep them protected. But things such as foot traffic, fraying or spills can compromise the sealant that was placed on it during manufacture, which will make the rug vulnerable to additional damage that can be very difficult and costly to resolve even with the newest technology. This is why sealing is so important.


    Before your rug can be sealed, it must first be cleaned. The cleaner we use is gentle yet efficient and will remove the loosened rug fibers while prepping it for sealing. It is a special shampoo that smells great and will effectively clean your carpet without using harsh solvents and chemicals which are usually found in most standard rug cleaning products.

    Once the cleaning is complete, the rug can then be sealed. The sealants we use are made to coat and then seal the rug’s backing, which is the location where the most caustic adhesives will usually be found. Applying a sealer while your rug is damp due to cleaning will enable it to soak deep inside the backing, and the last step is protecting the surface itself.

    When sealing your rug, the first thing we’ll do is ensure that none of the surrounding furniture or objects is affected by the spray. We’ll take the protector solution, shake it and then perform a colorfastness test. This means we’ll spray a spot which is hidden until it becomes wet and will then wipe it vigorously using a cloth that is white and absorbent. If we see any color rub off, we’ll discontinue use. If the color does not rub off and everything is fine we’ll evenly spray the foam onto the carpet.


    With Rug Resources, you’ll have the option of advanced rug protection which includes multiple sealant types. This means we can seal rugs made out of all sorts of materials, dyes, fabrics and textures, without damaging them. Other key benefits include:

    • The ability to repel spills
    • The creation of an invisible barrier that encompasses every rug fiber
    • Longer lasting rugs
    • Superior soil protection
    • Safe to use near pets and children

    Our rug protection sealant will also stop dirt bonding and will enable liquid pooling along the surface, which means you’ll have plenty of time to clean it up before a stain develops. Normally, gravity would pull down the liquid but by using our sealant your rug fiber will remain protected, even when the spill sits for a while.


    Rug sealing is a science and art form, one that our team at Rug Resources has mastered. We’ll consult with you on every aspect of the procedure, and once the cleaning and sealing are complete, we’ll let the rug dry for two to six hours. Depending on the amount of foot traffic the rug receives, we might recommend applying sealant a second time, and for high-end rugs, the sealant should be reapplied every six months to retain its durability.

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