Rug Measurement Guide

Rug Measurement Guide


    With Rug Resources measuring services you’ll never have to second guess or concern yourself with room measurements. Our team can visit your home or office and take accurate measurements of the rooms where you intend to install the rug, ensuring a perfect fit.


    Once we’ve taken measurements of the spaces where you want to install a rug, we can then help you choose an appropriate size. The ideal measurements will vary based on room, as each area of the home has its own unique requirements.


    • Living Room: 9’x12’ is a great rug size for living rooms that are 12’x18’ or bigger. 8’x10’ is the best rug size for living rooms which are 11’x13’ or a bit bigger. For living rooms that are 11’x13’ or lower, the best option is a 6’x9’ rug.
    • Dining Room: For dining rooms, you’ll want to position your rug directly beneath the table in a central location. If the table is large with eight chairs or more, you want a rug that is 9’x12’ in size. For a moderately sized dining table that has six chairs, you want a rug that is 8’x10’ in size. For smaller dining tables that have four chairs, you want a rug that is either 6’x9’ or 8’x10’ in size.
    • Bedroom: A bedroom rug will make the space feel cozier and warm while minimizing acoustics. The proper size rug will be determined by your bed and room size. For a king-size bed a 9’x12’ rug is highly recommended, while for a queen-size bed you want a rug that is 8’x10’. For a full bed the best rug size is either a single 6’x9’ rug or dual matching rugs which are 3’x5’.
    • Kitchen: Irrespective of the size of your kitchen, you want the rug to be positioned in the kitchen sink’s front. This is because most kitchen sinks are centered along a wall that has cabinets adjacent, which means the rug must be placed in a manner that coordinates with the cabinets and floor. For large kitchens which exceed two hundred square feet, you want a 6’x9’, 9’x12’ or 8’x10’ rug. For kitchens with an island consider using a rug that is 3’x5’ or 5’x7’ on each side. For moderate-sized kitchens which are between one and two hundred square feet, a 3’x5’ or 5’x7’ rug is best, while for small kitchens which are seventy square feet or below you want either a 3’x5’ or 2’x3’ rug.
    • Outdoor: These rugs must be highly durable to withstand the elements. Ideally, you want one which leaves twelve to twenty four inches of floor space which is visible around it. For a moderate to large deck, balcony or patio, consider rugs that are 9’x12’, 5’x7’, 8’x10’ or 6’x9’ in size. For smaller spaces and entrances you want a rug which is 2’x3’ to 3’x5’ in size.


    We have more than two decades of experience helping clients choose the perfect rug for their home or office. Once we have your room measurements we’ll help you find a spectacular rug that you and your family will get to enjoy for years to come.

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