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Rug Seam Repair


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    Carpet seams can sometimes become frayed, visible or open, all of which are undesirable. The good news is that there are a number of ways in which they can be cost-effectively repaired.


    Rug seams can be very challenging to repair yourself. An improperly installed rug looks atrocious, which is why so many people contact Rug Resources since we have the tools and knowledge needed to remove carpet seams, making your rug appear smooth and attractive.

    If the rug has sustained wear as the result of foot traffic or improper installation, it may not have to be torn out and totally replaced. Rather, it can be repaired with its rug seams concealed so the floor remains presentable. Common tools that we use for this process include the seam comb, rug seaming tape, the seaming iron, a weight and a glue gun or glue sticks.


    Hiring a professional to repair your rug seams provides countless benefits. First, they’ll be able to diagnose the reason your seams came apart in the first place. Such issues typically stem from two causes, which are either seam splitting or seam peaking.

    Seam peaking results from seams being pushed upward from pressure, forming miniature peaks within the rug. This manifests a clearly visible line that extends at seam length. If a rug or carpet is incorrectly installed, it will often display unattractive lines which result from seam peaking. If an excessively hot iron is used or the rug is stretched with excessive force, this too can cause seam peaking.

    Seam splitting occurs when a carpet seam is torn apart, producing a gap which exposes the surface beneath it. This usually results from hard and extensive use or the seaming tape utilized for installation is poor in quality. If this issue is moderate and the rug doesn’t receive much traffic, we can repair it through re-taping or re-gluing the torn seam. The glue gun would be used to apply glue beneath the rug seam after which the rug would be weighed down until it dries, a process that would take several hours.


    While you may be able to resolve minor carpet seam issues on your own, hiring a company such as Rug Resources is the best way to resolve severe problems. For example, if your high-priced rug has sustained significant damage, the seaming tape may need to be replaced and then re-seamed, which takes considerable knowledge and expertise. Our contractors will carefully remove the aging seaming tape and then position the fresh tape beneath both carpet pieces.

    We can also apply the seaming iron so the seams are pressed together within the tape, enabling both carpet pieces to firmly attach to its seam tape. Weighing down the section afterward will allow it to properly cool and dry, and once the weight is removed, our team can slowly comb through your rug’s seam to further refine its appearance.

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