Moth Eradication

Moth Eradication


    Household moths can be more than just an annoying pest. They can destroy costly, one-of-a-kind handmade rugs which cost thousands of dollars to procure. This means their eradication should be your priority, and our team at Rug Resources has the equipment and expertise needed to get it done.


    Early moth detection is crucial. The sooner these critters are identified, the faster they can be destroyed before they damage your priceless possessions.  They pass through 4 lifecycles within a single year and range in size from 14 to 18m. If you notice any cocoons in your home, it’s probably them. The moths will feed on rugs primarily during the larval phase, as the fibers prep them for pupation. If you notice any unusual patches along the rug corners or edges, it is probably carpet moths.


    If you can afford an expensive, handmade rug, you probably don’t have the time or inclination to get rid of the moths yourself. Even if you do, the process can be quite laborious. While washing or vacuuming the rug might seem like the obvious solution, in actuality this is unlikely to remove the pests, and at best will only reduce their presence slightly. To completely eliminate moths your rug must be professionally handled.

    The reason for this is that moths have shortened lifecycles and are therefore capable of rapid reproduction. This is why the standard cleaning used to wash clothes will not be effective. Some of the moth eggs will survive the washing machine, as well as vacuuming. If the eggs are not totally destroyed, re-infestation will occur. In fact, while removing moths from your carpeting you also need to check for them in other areas of the home, otherwise, even if they are removed from the rug, they’ll inevitably get back in from other areas of your residence.

    One of the main services we offer is carpet steaming. This is considered by experts one of the top methods for eliminating moths, and best of all, it is totally non-toxic. Our contractors will apply the steam to your rug at temperatures which are as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit for up to thirty minutes. The hot steam and temperature will obliterate all the moths and eggs, without damaging or defacing your rug texture.


    In addition to carpet steaming, we can also combine vinegar with baking soda and then apply it to your rug which will not only kill the moths, but will remove some of the stains and spots they’ve made on the surface. Vinegar and baking soda are a wonderful combination since they manifest natural antibacterial characteristics which can kill unwanted organisms while also removing the unpleasant odor.

    Before applying any solution to your rug, we will assess and determine which treatment approach is best. Rugs are made from different materials and as such, we won’t apply any substances which could potentially damage them. But the moths must also be removed from other areas of your residence to fully solve the problem for good.

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