Rug Alterations

Rug Alterations


    One great challenge of rug purchases is locating one which fits the shape and size of furniture which will sit near it. Rugs which are too small, too big or which don’t have the proper shape can be altered so that they can fit into any space you desire.


    Rug alteration entails the process which is made to a rug so that it fits into a specific space. The texture, color or pattern might also be changed. Tools that we commonly use include a measuring tape, box knives, cardboard, scissors, screws and a sharpy. The preliminary step involves creating a guideline template, and to do this we’ll flip the rug over and verify that tough mesh is present on its bottom.

    The rug must then be carefully marked and measured, then cut and the edges which have been freshly sliced must then be sealed. There are also cases where a part of your excess rug may be used for reupholstering a separate furniture item. However, the exact alterations that we’ll make to your furniture depends on your needs. While some want their rugs enlarged, others want them cut or even recolored.


    The greatest benefit of working with our team is their artistry. For instance, if you have an existing rug that is worn, our team can use dye to transform it into something spectacular and modern. Overdying is a technique that produces a color that is saturated and rich which enables the initial pattern to show through.

    We can also take two small rugs and merge them into a single large one, which is compatible with a space you want to fill. This particular approach works best when working with rugs that are organically shaped with edges that are not tightly bound. Shag rugs in particular are sought after since their higher pile can conceal the middle seam.

    Another common request that we receive from clients is rug cutting. When a rug is cut in half with edges that have been shaped, you’ll have something which is ideal for areas where you want the outdoor rug to transition into an indoor rug. We can also accommodate faux requests. For example, you’d like to purchase cowhide, but your budget won’t allow for the genuine material, so what we can do is take fabric and alter it in a manner where it resembles the real thing for a fraction of the cost.


    When it comes to rug alterations, you’re only limited by your imagination, and our creativity at Rug Resources is limitless. We consult with each of our clients to conceptualize a design for their home or office, and then our contractors will bring it to life. Whether you’re looking for a geometric shape or carpet squares so you can produce a lovely area rug for your living room, our team will help you create something that is truly breathtaking!

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