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Handmade Custom Rugs

Custom Rug Benefits

1. Rug Color, Size, Material and Design can all be custom.
2. Bring in a custom design that you enjoy or even a picture of a rug or rugs that you would like us to replicate.
3. Custom Rugs can be created from almost any fabric.
4. We also have catalogs with designs you can review and choose from for your custom rug.
Owning a custom rug is a statement of style and personality.
Once upon a time, when wall to wall carpeting was the pinnacle of in-home decor and featured in magazines like Vogue; Fast forward to today where minimalist style and natural wood floors are sought after and are a preferred stylistic choice for high end homes.

Although with new styles and trends coming and going, the #1 Interior Designers hidden gem of all-time consistently has always been the area rug; Since custom rugs can be used to bring out a rooms design and color theme like no other while still being able to conform to the style and preference of each person, there is nothing like the look and feel of a custom rug in ones house.
Rug Resources takes care of all of our customers every step of the way.