Your Guide To Choosing Custom Size Area Rugs

Custom handmade rugsare an excellent way to unify a space. Picking a rug that is too huge or too tiny for the space might throw off the entire feel of the room. A proper-sized custom rug is crucial to the overall look and feel of your room, whether you’re designing it with Moroccan, Afghan, or Persian-style rugs. Whether you want the rugs to harmonize a room, establish a zone, or divide a room into distinct regions, custom-size area rugs add elements of beauty, structure, and warmth to a space. So if you were looking for bespoke rugs that are sized and fitted to your liking, here are some guidelines on how to choose suitable custom-size area rugs for your home!

Family Rooms and Living Areas

Rugs are an excellent way to separate living spaces and make enormous rooms look cozier. Their big sizes provide the area with a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. You can place half of the couch atop a rug to give the area a very lush and fluid feeling. A modest statement rug, perhaps one with a splash of color, can accent your living space as well. Rugs can also be placed next to couches and armchairs, where they should be a little wider and longer than the furnishings in this scenario.

Dining Areas

A dining room rug must be big enough to contain the table plus all the chairs when fully pulled out and expanded. This will give the space a more balanced, cohesive appearance while also protecting your floor from scuffs and scratches. Other pieces of dining room furnishings, like pantry cupboards, should be placed on the floor rather than on the rug. Your dining table usually has a unique shape that necessitates a custom-size area rug. Bespoke rugs can be made in a variety of shapes to complement your dining room table, including rectangular, square, circular shapes, and more.


You can incorporate a rug into your bedroom in a variety of ways. The size of the rug, for one, is determined by whether or not the bed will rest atop it. A common rug location for a queen or king-sized bed is under the bottom two-thirds of the mattress, set at a right angle to the bed. In this arrangement, your rug should be big enough to step down onto it when you wake up.

Alternatively, some people choose not to put a huge rug under the bed but still wish for a soft landing when they wake up in the morning. In this scenario, the best approach is to purchase a set of runners on both sides of the bed.

For your children's bedroom rugs, you could have small rugs in quirky patterns and designs to reflect a kid's imagination. Kids’ rugs can be circular or rectangular woven rugs in vibrant or pastel colors!

Stairways and Hallways 

Rugs placed in corridors and stairwells are highly beneficial. They add a touch of aesthetic appeal to these usually utilitarian-like places. Furthermore, they can provide a better grip for people walking or running down the corridors or staircases as well as some flooring protection. Stair runners provide a sense of elegance, structure, and color. They're also a terrific way to ensure quietness with everyone walking down the stairwell while also ensuring safety!