Where To Place Rugs In Your Bedroom?

Your bedroom can be divided into different areas with the addition of an area rug, but deciding where to put these furnishings can be challenging. With off-the-shelf, custom, and vintage rugs available in about any size you might want, you can always find one that is the right fit for the specific area.

Proper rug placement may enhance the room's comfort and add an element of interest to an otherwise muted color palette. According to interior designers, the 'perfect' sized rug for your bedroom can really make or break the room, but there are no established rules when it comes to rug selection.

You can never go wrong if you regard your rugs as a functional art piece—something you want to enjoy but that is also cozy and practical. To choose the rug dimensions that will have the greatest impact, take into account the size and configuration of the remainder of your room. Here are several areas where you can place rugs in bedroom:

Under Bed

The most typical location for an area rug in a bedroom is underneath the bed, where it serves to anchor the biggest piece of furniture in the space. If there are nightstands on either side of the bed, choose whether you want the rug to end before the front legs of the nightstands or go all the way beneath them to the headboard. According interior stylists, running the rug to the end of your headboard allows for the rug to be right underneath your foot when you get out of bed, instantly generating a sense of coziness. This is a great way to start every morning and a nice end to every evening. With this arrangement, it is recommended to display the rug perpendicular to the bed frame so there is enough of comfort on both side and foot of your bed. Placing the rug under the bed but stopping before the bedside tables helps provide gentle layers to any area.

Next to Bed

Runners down each side of your bed are an alternative to buying a rug that will be nearly completely hidden by your bed. Choose two smaller-sized rugs on either side of the bed if you cannot afford the right-sized rug for your room. This will at least let you appreciate their beauty, and when you get out of bed, they will provide comfort. Depending on the available space, choose longer runners to go the entire length of your bed or smaller accent rugs to provide a comfortable landing area for chilly feet every morning. Stylists advise ordering a runner that is a custom-made length so that it would suit the area perfectly and have obvious beginning and ending lines. A larger rug is always preferable.

Across the Room

The placement and size of your rug might also be influenced by the other pieces of furniture in your room, such as dressers and seating spaces. According to stylists, it is best if the rug covers half of your dresser. Otherwise, it can be too tiny for the space. Stylists also recommend that a workstation in a corner or nook should have its own rug. Any seating space should, in general, have a rug in order to feel complete.