Purchasing Designer Rugs: Is It Worth It?

Purchasing a designer rug is no doubt a huge investment in both money and time. It may some effort to ensure that you are picking the perfect rug for your space, be it the living room, bedroom, or even the hallway. High-quality rugs that are guaranteed to last a long time also tend to be costly, making it seem more ideal to get a cheaper, factory-produced rug instead. However, there are many benefits to choosing a designer rug, and it would ultimately depend on you to decide if a designer rug is worth investing in.

Designer Rugs Transform Your Spaces

Although it is easy to overlook a rug on the floor of your space, one should not disregard the transformative power of a carefully curated rug. With patterns, colors, and a design that well-complements your room, it can definitely create a cohesive or even enhance your interior design. Sometimes, rugs – especially bold, vibrant ones – are also used to create a focal point. 

Rugs can also be used to divide your space, dividing large rooms into little sections which can all adopt their decor. The right rug, such as a runner, can also make long, narrow spaces like hallways seem wider, although some space around its edges should be allowed for the flooring to avoid making your hallway seem cluttered.

Collaborative Effort With Designers

Designer rugs are great for self-expression as by collaborating with a designer, you can also have a hand in creating a bespoke piece. Let your rug designer know what range of colors you are looking for, and the general vibe of the rug. This will ensure that the designed rug fits beautifully together with your decor. In addition, the rug designer can offer you much more options to choose from compared to factory-made rugs which come in fixed designs. This helps to give your rug that special, personalized touch.

Such a creative venture of going through the process of designing your perfect rug can often be very fulfilling once the project is completed. Handmade customizable rugs are the best way to bring your vision to life whilst leveraging your designer’s expertise to produce a wonderful rug for your home. 

Designer Rugs Promote Responsible Shopping 

Responsible shopping is the concept of spending your money correctly. When we impulsively buy things, we are not shopping irresponsibly and may end up with products that we do not particularly need. 

However, by shopping responsibly, we can be sure that we have put enough thought and consideration into the things we purchase. This also includes the ethical mindset of supporting local businesses which reduce carbon footprints and purchasing from eco-friendly suppliers that sell items that are durable, second-hand, or reusable, hence doing your part in limiting negative impacts on the environment. 

Durable designer rugs minimize your expenditure as their long-lasting quality means that you would not have to replace them anytime soon. A well-made designer rug can last for 20 years. This not only reduces the number of things we throw out, but it also reduces the demand for newly made products.