How To Choose A Geometric Rug For Home Interiors

Among the countless types of rugs available for your perusal, your attention settles on the modern geometric rug. Now before you go ahead and swipe the first geometric rug you spot, you should be aware that these types of rugs come in in a variety of patterns themselves, featuring different colors, shapes, and textures.

The ideal rug for your home would depend on your preferences, as well as your room’s aesthetic; after all, no one wants to buy a rug just to realize their purchase sticks out like a sore thumb in their living room. So what else should you consider when picking out a geometric rug for your home interior?

Check-In With Your Current Décor

The first thing that you need to do is be familiar with your decor and identify what it needs. What designs do the rest of the upholstery and fabrics in the room sport? Are they going to be printed, patterned, or a plain, solid color? The geometric rug design of your choice must be complementary to the wider design of your room. For example, if you have a plain neutral-colored couch only accented by cushions, you are free to choose a bold or vibrant geometric rug design without making your room too visually busy. 

Choosing a Focal Point

This is in line with the previous point – the chosen design should ideally fit your vision for the visual aesthetics of your room. This includes choosing a focal point for your room. If you want to make the rug your focal point, bold color and geometric pattern would work wonders in bringing up the vibrance of the room. Otherwise, a simple geometric design with minimal contrast or big shapes would be ideal to support your current furnishing.

Consult Color Swatches

As you may have already guessed, color plays a huge role in influencing the aesthetic of your room. It is recommended for you to do some research on the colors you would like, and bring along a fabric or color swatch when you hit the store. This would greatly reduce the time needed to look for your perfect geometric rug and makes conveying your needs to the helpful staff that much easier. The swatch can include the upholstery fabric you prefer as well. 

Visual Appeals and Vibes

Remember to always have the vibe you want in the back of your mind. As color often affects the setting and tone of the room, the color of your geometric rug will need to be precise. For example, a warm-colored rug will create an inviting atmosphere, whilst bright colors with high contrast will give off an energetic vibe. On the other hand, soft or pastel colors will make the room feel much calmer and soothing. 

Quality Matters

Because a rug is an investment, picking a high-quality rug will reflect well on you and your home. Compromising on rug quality may mean that you will need to change it out sooner rather than later. The best options are usually fine, handmade area rugs. The staff at the store should be able to lend some advice on which rugs have the best quality.