A Guide To Buying Runner Rugs For Hallways

Long, rectangular rugs called hallway runners can be placed in high-traffic areas of your house. Hall runners not only shield your flooring from damage but also have a significant design impact in a small area. Below are several tips for hallway runner rugs that you can keep in mind when picking a stylish, stain-resistant rug that can resist the elements of a high foot traffic entryway.

Runner Rug Sizes for Hallways

Runners come in a range of lengths and widths, but they should always be suited to the curve of your hallway. As a first step in choosing hallway runners, measure your space.

The typical hallway rug can be anywhere from 2 and 3 feet wide and 6 to 14 feet long. Your carpet runner should ideally have 4 to 5 inches of flooring visible on all sides, acting as hedging. Instead of a rug taco-style curled up against your walls, you want a clearly defined path.

For ease of use, the runner should be level with entrances.

If your hallway is very lengthy, there may be more visible floor space on each end of the rug. This is acceptable as long as the rug is placed correctly in the middle of the corridor. If your hallway is only a few feet long, an accent rug will do. Even though it does not have to cover the entire corridor, it should not be left halfway between entry or partially protruding in front of them.

The goal of a runner is different from that of an area rug. It is more to provide greater coverage and walkability while placing less emphasis on aesthetics.

There are rugs available that are made specifically to prevent road rash on your carpet or flooring. However, visual symmetry is still important to maintain the appearance of a well-balanced look.

Styles of Hallway Runner Rugs

Area rugs have the same variety as hallway runners. Choose a style that will enhance the space's architecture, flooring, and other furnishings.

Consider using a runner rug in the country style, for instance, to casually guide visitors through your quaint home. If your hallway features stylish tile work, start with a modern rug. If it is supported by hardwood floors, a hall runner in a traditional design will enhance the space's warm richness.

Before you go shopping, be aware of your style objectives.

The hallway is not often someone's favorite place, but fashionable runner rugs for hallways can change that. Your visitors will feel as though they are walking the red carpet whenever they enter the hallway with the right rug. Need assistance picking a style? Make use of our rug resources to pick the most ideal design that best suits your hallway.

Choosing Runner Rug Patterns

Once you have decided on the rug type, you need to consider patterns because your runner sets everything in motion. A striped runner can visually lengthen your corridor for a spectacular entry. Geometrically patterned rugs look great with stark modernity or a lived-in mid-mod style. Floral-patterned hallway runners can go in perfectly with homes designed in a bohemian or vintage style. Oriental rugs can be found with a variety of floral patterns as well, and they go well with conventional furnishings.