Which Room Is Ideal For 12x18 Oversized Rugs?

Are you considering getting oversized rugs? After all, not only do they look beautiful, but they can add warmth, comfort, and personality to any space. With that said, you might be wondering which room is ideal for oversized rugs that are 12x18 size. Not to worry, this article will explore more about this commonly asked question.

In Your Living Room

What better way to make your living room seem warm and inviting than with a large bold rug? Not only can a large oversized rug serve as a statement piece, but by placing it below all your furniture can also help the fabric wear more evenly.

What this means is your living room can enjoy the benefit of a uniform aesthetic in that area. To avoid excessive wear in one area, we recommend shifting your furniture a few inches every couple of months.

With that said, the idea is to have an oversized rug in your living room, which is to have them under your eating area that can accommodate your table and all of the seats. A minimum of 60 to 70 cm of the rug should be visible on either side of the dining table.

In order to prevent the rug from becoming stuck or turning into a trip hazard for visitors, at the absolute least, ensure the chairs can still seat fully on the rug even when moved away from the table.

In Your Bedrooms

In your bedrooms, oversized 12x18 rugs are a great idea and are typically positioned either totally or partially beneath the bed with the ends protruding from below. An enormous rug may be the ideal choice for bigger-sized bedrooms with bigger beds.

Oversized rugs are also suitable for bedrooms with floors made of hardwood. This is because larger-sized rugs can make a larger-sized bedroom appear more spacious. At the same time, they can make your bedroom appear large and comfy – suitable for a bedroom. Rugs typically look great against hardwood flooring as well.

In Your Guest Rooms

Having a large oversized rug is a great way to spice up the guest room and add more personality to it. At the same time, with a large oversized rug, guests will feel more at home and at ease in the guest room. All of these are achieved at relatively lower costs. After all, you do not need to spend as much money or time getting the dozen different accents and other furnishings.

Other Recommendations

With that said, we have a couple of other recommendations to picking the ideal oversized rug for any space. First, before choosing a style or color of your oversized rug, measuring your available area is a good idea.

Keep in mind that the oversized rug should be big enough to cover portion of the floor and hold your furniture in place. And if you have two sofas or large pieces of furniture in the area, you should seek asymmetry by placing the oversized rug evenly in the middle of them.

Your furniture should also fit on the rug, and there should be at least 7 inches or 20 cm of the rug showing on all sides. As an alternative, position your furniture partially on top of the rug, with the front two legs of the couch and side chairs resting beneath the mat.

In terms of shapes, round oversized rugs may contribute to the coziness and comfort of a living space. At the same time, to establish visual harmony, get oversized rugs in the shape of your tabletop. For instance, if your tabletop is rectangular in shape, you should get a rectangle oversized rug. This can create visual harmony and prevent the area from looking too cluttered.