Tips On Preventing Wool Area Rugs From Moth Damage

The last thing you want on your beautiful wool rug is moth damage. And yet, moth damage on wool area rugs is actually much more common than you may expect. In fact, moths can live on your carpet for a long time without leaving any traces, and by the time you realized it would be too late.

Not to worry, there are certain things you can do to protect your wool area rug from a moth infestation. Here are the top four tips to protect your rug and keep it in pristine condition.

Vacuum Your Rugs Regularly

Vacuuming your wool rugs regularly is one great way to keep moths away. After all, moths are attracted to rugs that are dusty and have traces of food crumbs. Vacuuming can keep your rugs clean and free from moths.

At the same time, vacuuming (with a large suction power) is a great way to suck up any moths and their eggs, which can prevent future moth infestation as well. Take note that large suction power is required for effective cleaning. We also recommend vacuuming twice in a detailed and pressing sweeping manner to ensure all dust, moths, and eggs are properly removed.

Make Use of Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Beyond just vacuuming, opting for cleaning solutions as well can keep your rug clean and free from any moth damage. For instance, we recommend the use of this homemade cleaning solution – vinegar added to a bucket of water.

The proportion of two glasses of water to one glass of vinegar might be modified or increased depending on the size of your wool area rug. When this homemade cleaning solution is ready, you can sprinkle it generously over the carpet that has been mopped, moisturizing it without sopping it up.

Afterward, you can brush the rug for further cleanliness. Take note, however, that it is best to sun dry and ventilate it after you have sprayed the rug with this homemade cleaning solution.

Opt for Ventilated Areas

Your attention should be focused on a number of factors while storing your wool area rug, with the location being one of the most crucial. The majority of individuals store them in roof-mounted cabinets or the basements of their homes.

While it may be convenient to do so, it can actually bring more harm to your beautiful wool area rug. Specifically, because such locations tend to be humid, the risk of your wool area rug getting a moth infestation is extremely high.

Therefore, regardless of where you store it, make sure it's dry and moisture-free. Since humidity is your rug’s worst enemy, it also harms your house or place of business by encouraging the growth of mold between the piles. As a result, you should take care to prevent a stuffy and humid environment in the area where you store your carpet, especially in the summer.

Roll Your Rug Up

We all understand that rugs should be rolled up for storage. The majority of us, however, have forgotten that rugs should be stored in rolls due to their delicate structure rather than their weight and thickness.

All rug kinds and models, no matter how thin or delicate, must be kept in rolls to maintain their structural integrity. At the same time, rolling your rug up can also help reduce the risk of a moth infestation due to a smaller exposed surface area.