Storing An Oriental Persian Rug: The Dos And Don'ts You Should Know

Do you own an oriental Persian rug? If you do, you need to know how to properly store your oriental Persian rug. After all, there probably comes a time where you are required to store it away, and the last thing you want is to store it wrongly and cause your beautiful oriental Persian rug to be destroyed. As such, read on for the do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping your oriental Persian rug.

Do Clean Up Your Rug First

You should clean and wash your oriental Persian rug before storing them. This is crucial in ensuring that your rug’s pile is clear of dust, micro-dirt, moths, and moth eggs. Regardless of the size of your oriental Persian rug, you should avoid hand washing it yourself and instead, we recommend you to get it professionally cleaned. This is because professional cleaners can help identify any issues with your rugs and have the right tools and expertise to properly clean your oriental Persian rug.

Don’t Fold Your Rugs

We can never stress this enough but folding your rugs is never a great idea. This is especially so if you are planning to store your rug for the long-term. This is because folding places unnecessary additional strain on the fibers of your oriental Persian rugs, which can and will lead to fiber loss. At the same time, it can cause creases and damages.

Don’t Store Your Rugs Exposed

You should never leave your unused rugs exposed. This is because exposed rugs make the ideal home for moths, mice, and various other kinds of bugs and animals that can damage your beautiful and priceless oriental Persian rug.

Do Roll Up Your Rugs

Instead of folding up your oriental Persian rug, rolling them up is a much better option to storing them. We recommend tightly rolling your rug and to roll it along the grain of your rug. This can ensure your oriental Persian rug remains in tip-top condition even after a long storage time.

Do Store Your Rug in Storage Wraps

Apart from rolling up your oriental Persian rug, you should also store your rolled up rog in a storage wrap. With that said, plastic is a terrible storage wrap option as this might lead to humidity and mildew. Additionally, avoid using newspaper or other printed paper because they are highly acidic and might harm your oriental Persian rug.

In terms of your storage wrap, we also recommend you to use a lot of tape to secure the wrapping, being sure to fully cover any seams. This serves as defence against dampness and insects. At the same time, to avoid any moisture from the floor seeping through, it is also advisable to remove the rug and position it high off the floor.

Do Store Your Rug in a Climate-Controlled Area

Finally, you should store your oriental Persian rug in a climate-controlled area. This is because there will be less chance of harm from variations in temperature or humidity that can harm your rug’s natural beauty and features. As such, we advise you to steer clear the cellar, closet, basement, attic, or garage. Instead, we recommend storing your rolled up and protected oriental Persian rug in your unused room or guest bedroom.