Purchasing A Rug Online? 6 Tips For You

There is a myriad of different rug styles, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to pick from when shopping for rugs! If you're not shopping at a brick-and-mortar rug store, you'll want to get your order right the first time. Equip yourself with plenty of knowledge to make an informed buying decision and ensure that you’ll love your rug. Purchasing rugs online can be a fun and easy element of your home design journey as long as you do your research before hitting the checkout button. So if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a rug online, here are six tips to help you choose the best-suited rug for your home!

Ensure the Online Rug Store is Trustworthy

Make certain that the online vendor you choose to buy from is legitimate and reputable. Do your homework, verify with the Better Business Bureau, and read customer reviews about the rug retailer you're considering. Ensure that the e-shop welcomes inquiries and has good customer service!

Be Clear about the Value of Your Purchase

Rugs manufactured by machines are generally cheaper, while those crafted by skilled artisans are pricier due to the labor-intensive work. The rug’s materials are also essential, not just its color and design. It’s important to look at its fiber and fabric properties to determine its durability, especially if you have kids or pets! In short, the level of craftsmanship and materials used determine the value of your purchase, be it a beautiful but pragmatic $200 rug or a stunning vintage masterpiece costing thousands.

Check the Actual Rug Colors and Patterns

It's important to request a sample to examine the rug's genuine colors and patterns, whether they’re blue medallion-patterned Tabriz rugs or vintage beige Persian Tabriz wool rugs with colorful motifs, for example. While you likely have to purchase the small sample, it’s well worth the money so you don't have to go through the hassle of exchanging or returning the rug later on. If small samples aren’t available, double-check the colors on several browsers and devices to ensure they're precisely what you want.

Check the Actual Rug Texture

It's also essential to feel the texture for yourself, which is another great incentive to get a rug sample! Also, take into account the rug’s pile when you’re contemplating buying it. A rug's pile could be cut, looped, flat weave, kilim, short or long. These all have an impact on the rug's sensory properties and appearance.

Get the Measurements Right

When it comes to rugs, size and fit are key! Think about whether you want the rug to span the entire area or leave certain parts of the floor exposed; whether you want to partition a space or tie it together cohesively. Large, handmade rugs like a 9’4″ x 12’6″ Sultanabad wool rug can be great statement pieces in any setting and used to define different zones in open spaces.

Thoroughly Review the Return Policies

Of course, you’d want to avoid the trouble and cost of returning a rug if possible, but it's also important to learn what the shop's return and exchange policies are in case the rug just couldn't fit, or you simply hated your rug choice when it arrived. Every online rug retailer ought to have a return or exchange policy, so be sure to review it meticulously before buying!