How To Spot A Handmade Rug

If you're in the market for a new rug, you may be wondering whether to buy machine or handmade rug. While both are beautiful and functional, they differ in many respects. The most obvious difference is that handmade rugs are made by hand, while machine-made rugs use machinery instead of hands. But there are other ways to tell the two apart:

Handmade Rugs Are Often Smaller (4x6-Foot) Or Mid-Size (5x8-Foot)

Handmade rugs are often smaller (4x6-foot) or mid-size (5x8-foot). Smaller rugs are more affordable and easier to move around, while the heavier materials used in mid-size rugs make them very durable.

Smaller rugs can be used in bedrooms or bathrooms, while larger ones are best for living rooms or dining rooms.

Handmade Rugs Are Beautiful, But Not Flawless

Handmade rugs are beautiful but not flawless. A handmade rug is a luxury product that comes from a place where artisans work with their hands and then pass it down to the next generation. Handmade rugs are often created in countries where women and men weave on traditional looms using natural materials like silk or wool.

Handmade rugs have a story to tell because they aren't mass-produced in some factory; every piece tells its tale of a particular time, place, and person who created it. When you touch a handmade rug for the first time, it feels different than any other type of rug you've ever felt before—and this is part of its appeal!

Handmade Rugs Show Variations In Height And Texture

A handmade rug will have variations in height and texture. If you lay out a handmade rug and notice that it's not completely uniform, don't worry—that's actually a good thing! Handmade rugs are not made by machines, so as each new batch of wool is woven, there are slight variations in texture or thickness. This means that even though the rug might be slightly uneven on the floor, it won't look like it was just thrown together; instead, it'll look less generic than something produced by an assembly line.

Rug weaving machines can produce amazingly complex patterns in just minutes—the only limit is what fabric your imagination can conjure up! That's why it's easy to get confused about whether or not something is handmade; most people think that handcrafted items have an artisanal look to them—but this isn't always true!

Handmade Rugs Use High Quality Materials

Handmade rugs are made with high-quality materials. The fibers used to make handknotted rugs, for instance, are generally of the highest quality and provide a beautiful, durable, and comfortable piece. Handmade rugs can be made from natural fibers like wool or cotton, but there are also man-made options available that still have the same look and feel as handmade rugs (and may even last longer!).

Handmade Rugs Feel Soft

Handmade rugs are made by hand, which means they're not just softer than machine-made rugs—they actually have more natural fibers. Handmade rugs are often made with wool and cotton, which is why they feel so soft. A handmade rug will also be cut and sewn together in a way that makes it fit perfectly on your floor.


If you're looking for a rug with the perfect combination of beauty, durability, and softness, look no further than handmade rugs. These rugs are made by artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship, so you can be sure that your rug will last for years to come and be something that brings comfort into your home. Handmade rugs have become increasingly popular over the past decade because they have real character—no two handmade rugs are exactly alike! If you want something unique in your home (and who doesn't?), go out there and find yourself some handmade goods today!