Handmade Rugs Vs. Machine-Made Which One Do You Like

When looking for rug buying advice, one piece of information you are likely to hear often is that handmade carpets are preferable to machine-manufactured rugs. Continue reading to understand the differences so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

How Much Do Handmade Rugs Cost?

Handmade carpets are unquestionably more expensive than machine-made rugs of a similar size. As mentioned below, various variables contribute to the increased price of handmade carpets.

The price of a handmade rug is determined by the weaver's skill and time. Handmade carpets are more than simply a gorgeous flooring option. Each item is a work of beauty crafted by a talented weaver's hands.

Depending on the size of the rug, a weaver may spend days, months, or even years finishing each piece by hand, one knot at a time. This is a time-consuming and arduous job, which is one of the reasons why handmade carpets are more pricey.

Handmade Rugs Are One-of-a-Kind

Another aspect that raises the value of handmade carpets is the fact that each item is unique and collectible such as the Vintage Persian Tabriz Wool from the Persian collection.

Handmade rugs gain value as they age, especially if they are carefully cared for.

Most rug owners don't mind paying the additional price since they see their handmade rug purchase as an investment rather than a mere home décor element.

Handmade Rugs Are Environmentally Friendly

Handmade rugs are unquestionably environmentally friendly. They are totally constructed of natural materials like wool, cotton, and silk. There are no synthetic materials utilized at all. Even the colors are derived from plant parts and other natural things. They are also produced in such a way that no effluent is emitted into the environment.

From start to finish, the entire process is clean and green. And because these rugs survive for decades, there's no need to toss them away and replace them with new ones, which contributes to landfill waste.

Machine Made Rugs

As the name implies, these rugs are mass made on a power loom. This sort of loom is computer-controlled and mechanized. Because each rug is manufactured by machine, it is completed rapidly. However, because they are mass made, the rug you purchase is unlikely to be one-of-a-kind, implying a lesser investment value. Machine-made rugs are often constructed of wool or synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, art silk, polypropylene, and polyester.

How to Decide Which Handmade Rug to Buy

When hunting for a handmade rug, you will hear a lot about Persian and Oriental rugs. The first thing to grasp is the distinction between the two.

Only rugs made in the region of Iran known as Persia can be termed Persian rugs. Oriental rugs, on the other hand, are made in any of the Oriental nations, including Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, and Iran. To put it another way, all Persian rugs are Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs.