Are Traditional Rugs Out Of Style?

There’s a myriad of rug designs one can choose from, ranging from vibrant shaggy rugs to multicolored wool rugs. The traditional rug, though, is one particular type that has established itself as a popular option throughout the years. Traditional rugs are gorgeous, elegant, durable, and timeless, which is why these statement pieces never go out of style! When it comes to adding finishing touches to your home décor, nothing rivals the luxurious look of classic rug designs like Persian, Moroccan, and Oriental styles which have withstood the test of time and become crowd favorites. So if you were wondering whether traditional rugs have gone out of style, here are X reasons why they’re still in fashion and a popular décor choice these days!

Topnotch Quality and Durability

The crafting of high-quality handmade rugs requires a great deal of skill and expertise that has been perfected over many years. When you get a good look at traditional handmade rugs, you can actually see the exquisite workmanship that went into making them. Due to the sheer quality of traditional rugs, they are extremely long-lasting and in fact, become even more stunning after some weathering over time!

Countless Beautiful Designs

Traditional rugs are known for their exquisite pattern styles that go back hundreds of years. Animal and floral motifs are the prevalent patterns as most of these are designed to reflect nature. Traditional patterns encompass many diverse designs that are of Afghan, Indian, Moroccan, Nepalese, Pakistani, Persian, and Turkish origins. There are so many design possibilities to pick from and they’re available in a multitude of colors and shapes, so you'll have no problem picking one that precisely matches your room decor, overall aesthetic, and personal tastes!

Great Statement Pieces

Traditional rugs are artistic masterpieces in their own right as their vibrant colors enhance the elegance of their environment, giving your space a sense of class and sophistication. Moreover, as they’re really eye-catching and have a distinct allure to them, they easily pique the interest of anyone who visits your home and creates a great first impression. Their intricate designs create a striking and intriguing visual impact that will impress any guest!

Highly Versatile in Design and Function

Not only would traditional rugs look wonderful in any classically designed interior, but they can also be placed in almost any setting. A classic Moroccan rug, for instance, can be a great statement piece in minimalistic-style interiors. The orangey and reddish hues common in traditional rugs can also bring a lot of warmth and coziness into Scandinavian-style interiors.

Traditional rugs are also very versatile in utility. Their large size makes them ideal for partitioning rooms and defining separate regions in an open floor plan. Similarly, placing one huge traditional rug in the center of the room can also tie different sections of a house together cohesively.

An Economical, Long-Term Investment

Unlike other rugs which might get worn and raggedy with time, traditional rugs are extremely durable and usually develop a unique, timeless charm as they get more used and worn. Many even have a fascinating history of where they've been before you bought them. Since traditional rugs never go out of style as modern rugs do, they are great financial investments if you wish to sell them in the future.