A Guide To Caring For An Abstract Rug

Are you planning to get an abstract rug for your home? After all, it is a great way to add comfort and coziness, and at the same time, add personality and uniqueness to any space. In fact, abstract rugs can even serve as a one-of-a-kind art piece in any room. With that said, it is important to know how to care for your abstract rug in order to enhance its durability and longevity of it. As such, here is an in-depth guide to caring for your abstract rug to keep it in pristine condition.

Clean Your Abstract Rug Regularly

To keep your abstract rug in pristine condition, you need to clean them regularly. The best silk and wool may be found in eastern Pakistan and Afghanistan, where handmade abstract carpets are manufactured.

With that said, cleaning your abstract rug regularly is crucial to prevent wool fibers from aging and looking worn out since they are frequently exposed to grime and dust. As such, here are some of our recommendations for cleaning:

  • Vacuum your abstract rug once a week using a medium to high suction power
  • Steer clear from any abrasive vacuum attachments with brushes that might damage the fibers of your rug
  • Blot any spilled liquid with a dry paper towel or a clean cloth as soon as possible
  • Vacuum your rug slowly with a back-and-forth motion

General Care Recommendations

Beyond just cleaning your abstract rug regularly, there are other factors you need to consider. And here are some of our other general preventive recommendations to keep your abstract rug in tip-top condition:

  • Keep water away
  • Avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight as it may damage the color pattern
  • Try not to step on the rug with your shoes
  • Do not pull any loose rug threads, instead, use a pair of scissors

Opt for Deep Cleaning Once in a While

For genuine abstract rugs, it is critical to also deep clean them once in a while. Not only is this a great method to ensure your abstract rug continues to look beautiful, but it can also extend the longevity of your high-quality rug, and at the same time, prevent any moth infestation from occurring. As such, here are some of our recommendations for deep cleaning:

  • First, get any chemicals off your abstract rug's surface by using a paper kitchen towel
  • Next, vacuum your abstract rug to get rid of even the smallest debris that might harm the abstract rug's smoothness
  • Following this, mix a little amount of rug shampoo with plenty of warm water to clean your abstract rug

With that said, there are other things to keep in mind when doing your deep cleaning for your abstract rug. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Deep clean at least once every 12 months
  • Don’t excessively clean your abstract rugs as it can wear down your rug
  • Try to wash your rug when it is less sunny to prevent color from fading
  • Prevent direct sun exposure when drying your washed abstract rug
  • Use warm water and do not use boiling water

Consider Professional Cleaning

Getting professional cleaning is another great way to keep your abstract rug in tip-top condition. This can replace your deep cleaning, which you can do so once every year. Professional cleaning not only saves you time and energy, but they also have the right expertise and required tools to clean your rug more effectively and maintain the high-quality of the rug.