5 Terms You Need To Know When Shopping Vintage Rugs

Are you planning to shop for vintage rugs? After all, not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also unique and are usually cheaper. With that said, take note that “vintage” is the term often used to describe anything that is more than 20 years old, whereas "antique" is designated for items that are more than 100 years old.

 Nonetheless, if you’re new to the world of vintage rugs, all the terms regarding vintage rugs might be confusing and daunting. Not to worry, here are the five most common terms you need to know when shopping for vintage rugs.


One of the most common types of vintage rugs is the Oushak rug. It typically refers to a thin rug with an ultra-plush texture and delicate pastel hues. At the same time, it frequently features a central medallion and a border with patterns. Additionally, they are made with a coarser weave than other Turkish carpets, giving them the desired worn appearance.


Kilims are another popular type of vintage rug. Specifically, they are of Turkish origin and are flat-woven, which means they are on the thinner end of the rug range (similar to oushak vintage rugs).

There are several variations for Kilim rugs, and they are perfect if you love geometric or striped designs. They were historically created in the nations that made up the old Ottoman Empire when they were used for anything from tent hangings to storage bags to floor coverings.

They are durable enough to survive everyday tribal life and the rigors of modern-day existence. However, take note that because of their thinness, they frequently have the propensity to slide about on wood floors, so we recommend investing in a rug pad with good traction.


Another popular and well-loved type of vintage rug? It has to be the Swedish vintage rugs. In fact, when 20th-century contemporary designers became enthralled by the concept of fusing traditional Oriental rug-making processes with Swedish themes, the appeal of Swedish carpets was further solidified since then.

With the endorsement of design heavyweights such as Charles, Ray Eames, and Le Corbusier, Swedish carpets became a modernist essential. After all, their straightforward patterns and subdued color schemes are still in style and so well-loved today.


Authentic Persian rugs are another popular type of vintage rug that you’ll likely come across. Persian rugs are often hand woven with vibrant floral and geometric motifs, and at the same time, have a short to a medium pile tuff. What this means is the wool of Persian rugs tufts up, rather than being woven flat.

Although there are many types of Persian rugs made from varying hues, rich reds, and other jewel tones are most common among vintage Persian rugs. Heriz, a prominent Persian vintage rug design, is one such example and it typically features strong geometric patterns, frequently with a medallion in the middle. Another example is this beautiful handmade wool Persian rug by Rug Resources which features blue, red, and multiple other colors.


Moroccan vintage rugs are another popular and most commonly seen type of vintage rug. Although the ultimate color and design of a Moroccan rug are decided by the tribe of origin, the basic material is either black or white sheep's wool. With that said, Moroccan vintage rugs are frequently quite soft and shaggy, making them the ideal choice for a warm and comfy bedroom.