3 Ways To Protect Your Rug From Heavy Furniture

You might be concerned that the indentations left by heavy furniture on your carpet or rug would harm your prized Persian or Oriental rug in the long run. The majority of indentations fade away over time but you can speed this process up by placing an ice cube over the affected area. However, in some circumstances, depending on the rug's fragility, the weight of the furniture, the type of material and the state of the furniture legs, as well as other factors, you run the danger of damaging the rug. Here’s how to protect rug from heavy furniture.

Protecting Rug from Heavy Furniture

Your large sofa, stuffed chairs, and grand piano can all be safely placed on your beloved area rugs with the right precautions. And when it is time to beautify your living spaces and bedrooms, turn to Rug Resources for beautifully handcrafted rugs in an array of stunning designs. Here are several steps that can help you protect your rug from heavy furniture:

  • Move Furniture

Every time you rearrange furniture to vacuum your rug, do so in a slightly different way than previously. In other words, give the different areas where the furniture's feet created dents in the rug a rest by not repositioning them at that same spot.

  • Use Rug Pad

A high-quality rug pad that is the right size for your rug can help to protect and preserve it. Additionally, it aids in securing the rug and keeps it from bunching or folding.

  • Use Furniture Pads

By placing a rug pad correctly and placing pads under all furniture legs, you may protect your rug from damage on all sides. To spread the weight over a broader area over the rug, heavier or larger items like pianos or sound systems should have larger dent guards below them.

Why Use Rugs for Home

  • Enhance Décor

Rugs are typically considered a technique to improve house décor. This makes sense given that rugs are available in nearly every pattern, color, shape, and material imaginable.

A striking or quirky colored rug can add a strong stance. While a neutral or traditional patterned rug could be the ideal addition to a space for a homely feel. For contrast, you can also want to put a light rug on a dark floor and vice versa.

  • Appealing to Guests

Whatever you choose to call it: a foyer, an entranceway, an entrance hall, it exists in almost every home. It can be challenging to decorate the area between your well-designed home and the vast outdoors. This can be especially true for rugs because you need to delicately combine both the natural features and the style of your home. Using rugs can resolve this concern.

  • Improve Safety

Do you become anxious every time your adorable child trips and falls while learning to walk? A rug could be the ideal landing cushion, guarding the young one’s hands, knees, and fragile head during this crucial stage of life.

Rugs are also perfect for absorbing the impact of our steps, preventing slips and falls, and lowering injuries when falls do happen. It offers security protection for the entire family, but especially for young children and the elderly.