Rug Repair and Restoration

An ornate and well-designed rug plays a fundamental role in interior design. However, they are subject to wear as time passes but there are a number of services available which are designed to repair and restore them to their original condition.




Rug Resources provides six key repair and restoration services, which are:


  • Rug Patching: When a rug is patched, the damaged portion will be removed and then replaced using the donor piece. If leftover remnants from the original rug are unavailable, then we can extract a miniature portion of the carpeting from an area which is rarely used and then color it until it closely matches the rest of the rug.
  • Rug Alterations: The size or shape of a rug can be altered in any manner you like. Rugs may also be bound or cut in any dimension. If you need yours to be trimmed so that it can fit in a specific area of your home, we’ll get it done, with the proper instruments and precise measurements.
  • Rug Rebinding: The goal of rug rebinding is to repair the frayed and worn carpeting edges. This can be done using sewing machines which are heavy-duty as well as binding tape. Another benefit of rug rebinding is that there are an array of colors and materials which you can select. Our team will help you select a color which will match your existing texture, or we can use contrasting colors for those that want a bold look that stands out.
  • Rug Seam Repair: We can repair damaged seams that have loosened near the edges as well as replace seams in areas where two carpet portions meet. The rug can also be re-tacked near the threshold or walls.
  • Moth Eradication: Rug moths are a common pest in households. Their larvae will consume the keratin that is used in naturalized fibers like wool, which can cause irreparable damage to rugs that contain it. They can also consume fur, silk and leather, making their elimination a priority. We have the tools needed to get it done.
  • Rug Sealing: Many rugs which are conventionally manufactured contain toxic adhesives which may emit chemicals which can compromise your indoor air. As a result, we’ve developed a system for cleaning these rugs and then sealing them, coating the rug’s backing which is usually where the most caustic adhesives are located. 



Rug Resources sells stunning rugs which are handmade by professional designers. We also have a close relationship with weavers and spinners to ensure that our clients get lovely finished products that are fully customized. Unlike mass-produced, factory-made rugs, which often use materials that are not environmentally friendly, the products sold by Rug Resources are non-toxic and we use premium wool that contains large amounts of lanolin, which is completely natural. Equally important, we can repair and restore every rug you purchase from us, ensuring it lasts for generations to come.


To learn more about our Rug Repair and Restoration services, contact us today!