Rugs may require a number of services, especially those which are antique or vintage. Rug Resources works with all types of rugs, from Moroccan to Transitional, Flat weave, Contemporary and more.




 Our company provides nine core services, which are rug consultation, rug cleaning, rug patching, rug alterations, rug binding, rug seam repair, moth eradication, rug sealing and interior design:

  • Rug consultation: We provide advisory services to those that want to coordinate or match a rug with their existing décor.


  • Rug cleaning: Our team has the tools, expertise and experience needed to clean antique rugs without damaging them.


  • Rug patching: This technique involves cutting away damaged rug areas and then replacing them using donor patches that are similarly sized.


  • Rug alterations: We can alter your rug by enlarging or trimming it to fit specific spaces within your home or office.


  • Rug binding: The purpose of binding is to fix rug edges which are either frayed or worn.


  • Rug seam repair: Rug seams are susceptible to peaking and splitting, which can be addressed via regluing or taping.


  • Moth eradication: Household moths can be real pests since they are attracted to carpet materials such as wool, but we employ tools that will permanently eradicate them.


  • Rug sealing: We can seal and coat your carpet’s backing.


  • Interior design: We’ll assist you in finding a carpet which is perfect for your interior design.




Founded in 1998, we have more than twenty years of experience selling, restoring and repairing rugs of all types, including antique, vintage and modern. We prioritize excellence and it shows in everything we do, from our workmanship to customer support.


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