Area Rugs – 3 Overlooked Benefits You’re Missing Out On

There are probably a hundred different reasons why people purchase an area rug. We know, we’ve probably blogged about most of them. Here at Rug Resources, we have three overlooked benefits a beautiful Oriental Rug can bring to your life.

Dust Collectors

Yes, you read it right, area rugs actually make a great dust collector. But just think, you move into a brand-new home with beautiful hard wood floors, just to find that those beautiful hard wood floors need to be swept everyday to keep that pesky dust from collecting! A simple fix is an area rug. Rugs are an excellent way of reducing the messy house look with dust buildup. Lay an area rug down and let that beautiful wood floor harmonize with it, without worrying about visitors seeing dust.

Ambient Noise Reduction

Have any neighbors just as pesky as that dust buildup on your floors? Always complaining about noise when you’re hosting a party. Well, rugs actually reduce ambient noise. Rugs act as an additional layer of insulation, insulating ambient noise throughout your house or apartment. There are also rug pads put underneath your rug that are used specifically as soundproofing. These rug pads reduce noise coming into your home and noise coming out. The rug and pad combo can also improve the acoustics of your home.

Warm Up Cold Floors

Walking on your cold floor on the way to the coffee pot can be uncomfortable. A simple area rug can keep those toes nice and warm. Rugs started off as being nothing more than an animal skin thrown onto the ground for added comfort and warmth. It’s interesting that today in 2017, we are still using rugs in the same fashion as our ancient ancestors.

So there you have it, three overlooked benefits in having an area rug. If you have any more rug questions please feel free to ask (here). Or stop in and see us at Rug Resources.

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